Lazy Ass Cats stack of 3 books
Lazy Ass Cats coloring pageLazy-Ass Cats Coloring Book

Custom Wholesale Order for Fei


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40 books shipped

Snoozing & Boozing Kitties to Color and Relax

Face it—your cat’s a lazy ass. And that’s why you love him. Whether they are laying on your work desk, windowsill, or the kitchen sink, Lazy-Ass Cats have mastered the art of simply being. Now you, too, can be cat-like, completely unencumbered by the demands of life! Unwind from the day with 40 make-you-smile coloring pages, ready for your artistic touch. Featuring single-sided pages on crisp, quality paper, this adult coloring book makes a hilarious gift for coloring enthusiasts and cat lovers alike.


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